HPGM Ralph Kemp, Sr.


Past Master Ralph Kemp, Sr. was bestowed by Past Grand Master Bruce A. James the title and rank of Honorary Past Grand Master (“HPGM”) this was a historical event, and PGM James was the first Grand Master in Prince Hall Georgia jurisdiction to give such a high esteemed title to Past Master Ralph Kemp, Sr.  HPGM Kemp, Sr. devoted his life to Masonry, and he attended 69 Grand Sessions straight and was the longest standing Grand Lodge Officer. HPGM Kemp, Sr. was the Grand Director of the Past Master Degree up until his passing. He served in many leadership positions from Illustrious Potentate of Nabar Temple No. 128 to heads of houses on the York Rite and Scottish Rite side, because of his dedication to the craft HPGM Ralph Kemp, Sr. has many organizations and scholarships named after him in his honor including our very own Ralph Kemp, Sr. Knight of Pythagoras Council No. 42.

Interview of HPGM Ralph Kemp, Sr.  and PM Kemp (son):

Honorary Past Grand Master Ralph Kemp, Sr. as the Worshipful Master of  Gate City Lodge No. 42.  In the year 1978.



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Gate City Lodge No. 42

Gate City Lodge No. 42