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The Order of the Knights of Pythagoras (KOP) is a leadership training program for boys between the ages of eight through twenty. This youth-led program allows young men to develop their leadership skills through community service, business meetings, training, annual conferences, and fun-filled events. The primary focus of the KOP program is to train our youth in the areas of Leadership, Responsibility, and Brotherhood.

The youth also have an opportunity to elect and appoint their officers, learn and use the voting process, plan their activities/fundraising/community service events, and may work with other organizations on various events. The KOP program allows a partnership to be formed between youth, parents, and Georgia Prince Hall Masons. Working together helps us to provide our youth with various life skills they can benefit from. In addition, the youths get to participate every summer in a Youth Leadership Summer camp in July called the Lloyd James Summer Camp in partnership with Fort Valley State University.

YOUTH KNIGHTS (YK):  are young boys between the ages of eight through Twenty years of age. They are from various backgrounds, nationalities, religions which makes this a diverse group of young men working together to learn, fellowship, and perform community services.

SIR KNIGHTS (SK) are Prince Hall Master Masons who volunteer their time, money, and support to assist youth in their communities and statewide. They become a mentor, a coach, or someone to talk to when it comes to the youth. They also serve as trainers or instructors when it comes to leadership training.

PARENT CLUBS  Parent Clubs are formed to help and support their local councils. They assist with fundraising, transportation, planning of events, and community service projects. They form a partnership with the Youth Knights and Sir Knights.

Our Youth Knights are able to participate in the Lloyd James KOP Annual Summer Camp that is on the campus of the Fort Valley State University. It gives them the opportunity to explore the campus of Fort Valley State University and to imagine what college life would be like by being housed in the dorms and eating at the campus mess hall. The theme of the camp for 2016 was entrepreneurship, and our Knights also received an education on how to deal with law enforcement officers from Police Officers and an Attorney. Below are some pictures from the Camp. For more information see www.ralphkempsrkop42.org

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Gate City Lodge No. 42

Gate City Lodge No. 42